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        Skype: martinhoo936 
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        No.168, Jiqi Road, Huaiyin 
        District Jinan City, 
        Shandong Province China 
         Company Instruction

        Jinan Jianda Chaoyue Numerical Control Technology Co., Ltd. is an advanced CNC machine enterprise integrating research, manufacture and marketing. Our company technology is powerful and we have accumulated rich experience in R&D of CNC machines. Our president devised and invented the first CNC three-point steel sheet bending machine, the first CNC steel sheet bending machine ope... [more]

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        Sales office: Tel:+86-531-87500008  Fax:+86-531-87510057 Manager: Martin Hoo +86-13853196370  E-mail: jiandachaoyue@163.com  
        Address:  No.168, Jiqi Road, Huaiyin District, Jinan City, Shandong Province, China
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